A Guide on How to Structure Your Rap Song Lyrics

The purpose of this post is to help you structure your rap song lyrics. In order to create a good rap song, you need to make sure that the song fits the lyrics you are trying to convey. There are different approaches to this, but in order to keep it simple, we will focus on autotune. If you want more information about autotune, you can read the previous post, how to buy gold jewellery without making mistakes.

Rap is one kind of modern poetry. Becoming a great rapper means powerful lyrics. You must have a good command on your writing skill.

People generally say that lyrics are like water. They are supposed to flow like a water. The smoother the lyrics, the better the song. However, it needs the practice to earn that rap writing skills. It takes the right structure to write rap lyrics to catch the attention of your listener.

If you are a beginner and want to write a rap for your small audience. Go Ahead and Keep reading! This article includes how to write rap lyrics from the scratch. It also includes effective tips and techniques in structuring rap lyrics.



1.     Let your imagination run wild

One of the important things while writing the lyrics is that you need to be creative. You cannot copy from others. Let your imagination and your emotion become out on these lyrics. Writing lyrics is expressing your thoughts, yourself, your personality.

Firstly, you need to pick a topic and that topic should be the center of your rap lyrics. Be creative as much as you can. Many rap artists do this thing to note down each and every idea that comes to their minds.

The one thing you need to keep in mind while rapping is that it is ok to mess things up just don’t stop and that same applies to writing rap lyrics.

2.     Come up with a great hook.

If you are not aware of the basic structure of a rap song, include the intro, verse then followed by the chorus, and another verse. It is followed again by another chorus, verse, bridge, the chorus then finally outro.

Many artists say that they start writing with chorus or hook. A hook is the one thing that conveys the message of the song. That means hook is the highlight of the song. Most of the rappers write hook part first as it is the important part that listeners are going to remember.

3.     Write down & record your rough draft lyrics

Whenever you write lyrics for a rap song, you must maintain a rhythm. Listening to your particular rap beat while writing helps you a lot.

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4.     Be yourself

One of the key aspects of writing rap lyrics is that you must show your listener what you believe in and what you want to say. Self-expression is very important as it inspires your listeners.

5.     Practice and Rehearse

Always remember the importance of practicing your song to become better at it. You can rehearse yourself in front of your family. Just one thing that whatever you do put your heart and soul into that.

6.     Organize your idea

Organizing your ideas will help you structure a perfect rap song. Always note down your ideas and once you are done finalizing your idea, remember that you need to tell a story to your audience so that they can connect with you easily. Your song must have an intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and finally outro.

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