Systems and Tools That Every Big Company Should Use

Big companies have big requirements but big companies also get big numbers of applicants, projects, competitors, big work, which all can create a big fuss and big problems. In order to solve such problems, all you need to do is make things easier and more organized taking the help of certain tools and techniques that will make everything clear and processed and help in avoiding conflict and confusion.

Project Management Tools

Every company tends to use a project management tool in order to make things clear and organized. It is no news to use a project management tool be it a big company or small. But it depends a lot on which tool you are using.

Some of the most concise, and organized project management tools include Nifty, ClickUp, Trello, ProofHub, Wrike, and WorkZone. These work perfectly fine for big organizations and even smaller ones can use them if they don’t find it very complicated.

Accounting and Finance Software

Every company, be it of any kind in the world, by default has an accounting department elsewhere will the revenue go and what will be the expenses, and who will keep records? Although big companies have huge accounts departments, they also need to use software and systems for speed, accuracy, and accountability.


This software is very popular as it is a very comprehensive and detailed system that has various modules that are necessary. This is especially useful for smaller companies. It is a paid software that carries out almost every accounting function without much hassle.



Freshbooks works well, especially for service sector industries. Making simple invoices is easy and can be done in a lot many ways however, what FreshBooks provides is better tracking. Tell your accounting team to say goodbye to the pain of tracking.

Applicant Tracking System for Hiring

Hiring a new employee for your organization is not at all an easy task as a lot of your company’s future depends on your selection.  Error in that is not an option but as we know “to err is human” after all. So to resolve this problem, humans, as always have taken the crutch of technology. A striking 90% of the fortune 500 companies use an applicant tracking system in their recruitment process. And why do you think that is the case?

Because applicant tracking software is very fast and also accurate. It speeds up the process by many folds as big corporations have a very huge number of applicants. After the applicant tracking system scrutinizes and does the screening, what is left to do is taking the interview of the best lot. This way, the recruiters also know what to expect and so do the candidates who have applied and been shortlisted.

The best applicant tracking system has to have the following features:

  • Is able to gather and compare databases to make the right choice for recruitment
  • Should facilitate ATS integration and handle assessments and personal interviews
  • Stores relevant resume for future requirements
  • Has to have a user-friendly interface

An ATS promotes transparency as everything is recorded, everything has written proof and the process is legal. It builds and maintains trust between the employer and the employees that things are being conducted in a very fair manner.

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