Some Best Things About the Following Cities of Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the freest economically states in India and it is also has shown amazing agricultural growth. It has some of the fastest-growing cities and is an amazing place to be in general, be it any city. The culture of Gujarat serves to be the inspiration for many works of art, music, and cinema and can also be seen in mainstream Bollywood as well. Now if all this wasn’t enough, Gujarat also has the longest sea coast in India and it is 1214 kilometers long! Now let’s explore what are the best things about the following cities of this amazing state.

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1) Surat

Surat, also very famously known as the diamond city of Gujarat and the whole world, serves to be a hub of diamond cutting and polishing. What youngsters here enjoy the most is the amazing street food; Locho, Khamani, Fafda, Undhiyu et al.

The next best things about Surat are the handicrafts and silk sarees. The handmade crafts of surat in wood and ivory are unique with their own style. If you visit you will find some amazing antiques and decorative items at the Shanivari market and other flea markets to take for loved ones at home and with friends. As surat is also a textile city, the silk sarees are of top quality and the fabric is very intricately weaved and designed.

The Dumas beach cannot be forgotten when talking of Surat city as it is among the top favorite Surat spots and is very beautiful because of the black sand. It is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from there and is also often called the haunted beach as it was used as a Hindu crematory ground.

2) Vadodara

Apart from Sev Usal, Vadodara is also famous for its architectural beauty. Vadodara is a very peaceful city and is also known as the Sanskari Nagari because of that. It houses the world-famous Lakshmi Vilas Palace that is four times the size of Buckingham Palace in the UK.

The city has museums, zoos, huge gardens and is very modern as well with all the facilities and amenities that make the city people’s lives very easy and peaceful with everything within reach. This has also made it a hot spot for people who want to live and settle in Gujarat. People are increasingly looking for houses to buy in the city because of its culture and the subtle lifestyle it offers. You can also find real estate agents in Vadodara to invest in properties like houses and land.

3) Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in this country and houses a population of 8,059,441 people. Very few people know that Ahmedabad was the former capital of the state. The city has the ever so famous 600-year-old mosque that was built in 1414 and also named after Ahmed Shah, the founder of the city. But the one thing that drives all the traffic jams and people on the streets are the markets. It is highly famous for the numerous markets and people come to shop here from far and wide. Some of them are Lal Darwaza Market, Sindhi Market for sarees, and the mouth-watering street food at Manek Chowk.

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