Reasons Why Military Mom Called an MOS

Military Mom Called an MOS

Motherhood comes in all sizes and shapes. Being a military mom is come up with unique characteristics and challenges. Working for any organization especially when you are a military Mom is not an easy task. For that, you have to scarify a lot in case of your family, kids, or spouse. When you as a mom you are in the military then you leave your child at other responsibility for the sake of your country.

Some of the military mothers are eagerly waiting for listening to their kids’ voices after her duty. It is not easy to call your kids and listen to his or her voices. However, for that, they use 24 hour clock converter time when they are on off-duty as per this timing they are allowed to call their kids. Not only this reason, but there are also many other reasons why military mom called MOS.

Below are some reasons for which you came to about the characteristics of Military moms.

Military Mom

Why do Military Moms call an MOS?

Military mom has so many characteristics that can easily differentiate her from normal mom. So, let’s have a look.


As a military Mom, you have so much strength that anyone else has. As a Mom, you can carry your whole family and your country’s weight on your shoulder. We know it is very difficult to carry but for this no one better than you.


As a military mom, you understand the meaning of sacrifices that no one else done. Military Mom gives up their time at home, with their spouse, with other children. In this case, you realize that you don’t have time for your kids and you miss out on things that your kids make you proud and appreciate.


As a military Mom, you feel proud always. You proudly serve, support, and put away your kids, fear, and spouse for fighting. So, you have to so much proud of your country and yourself.


As a military mom, you know you can spend many months away from your home, spouse, and kids. Sometimes you spend many military hours contacting your kids to hear their voice. But it is all means that when you know that for what you are fought for.


We know to leave away from your kids on the others’ responsibility at home for your country requires a lot of courage. As military personnel you know, you put yourself, your spouse, and kids in danger, serving for the country. Because of this reason, military mom is known as the courage of spades.

Other than the above five reasons perseverance and fierce love is important reasons, why do military moms call as an MOS. For more details about military time click here.

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