In the era of social media, people prefer to communicate over text than to meet up and talk. Communication has been made gigantically simple in the past decade with the improvement in technology. People nowadays don’t shout call each other when they are different bedrooms of the same house, they digitally call their cell phone.

People nowadays type as fast as a robot on their phone. They don’t even care for the mistakes. Not only that, they use attributes like LOL, ROLF, etc to symbolize actual words. Everything is developing with time. Don’t you want your texting skills to develop too?

communication skills

Here are a few texting tips that will help you boost up your communication skills.

TIP #1 Keep your text upbeat and fun

Always try to keep your texts up to mark. Even if you are bored, don’t let the other person know about that. Have fun while texting. Because if you complain too much about boredom, the other person might lose interest talking to you and not chat with you that often. It is your responsibility to keep the conversation alive.

Use some exclamation marks to show your enthusiasm for whatever topic is up for discussion. Also avoid repetition of words like LOL, ROLF, AH, WOW, etc. Try to mix up a little bit and make it to text on-going.

TIP #2 Use Emoticons and Lenny Faces

The majority of people nowadays use emoticon while texting. It helps you express your feelings. There are emojis for almost everything. Use them often it makes your conversation stay alive and fun.

Some people aren’t aware of what lenny faces are. You might have seen someone sending you faces and various other appearances made out of letters and numbers. These weird yet attractive faces are what is referred to as a lenny face. Use them and send unseen and attractive text messages.

TIP #3 Follow proper etiquettes

When you’re having a chat, no matter if it a professional conversation or casual, always try and follow basic etiquettes. Make sure that you understand what the person is trying to tell you and reply wherever needed. If you don’t understand anything, don’t overthink, just ask the person to rephrase it.

If you want to talk about something important and serious, don’t text, call the person. Texting can sometimes make confusions; one thought something and wrote in his way, while the other person understands in his way.

So these are some basics tips that you can follow in your everyday life to improve your conversational skills. Click here to know how you can boost the fun in your text.

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