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Procedure to Check Challan Status on TRACES

Procedure to Check Challan Status on TRACES
Find a procedure to view challan status on TRACES. TDS TRACES is a portal launched by the income tax of department to help the taxpayers and deductors. A tax deducted can check the status of the income tax challan. This article will help you to do this online procedure quickly on the TDS TRACES website. Keep ready your CIN or BIN number to check the income tax challan status.

There is also another method to hyderabad traffic challan on this website. Check the step-by-step guide for the procedure.
Challan traces

How to View Challan Status on TRACES
Find below a step by step guide to know the income tax challan status with the link of the TRACES.
Use the above link to visit the official website of the TDS TRACES and follow the given steps in sequence.
1. Login using your credentials or register yourself.
2. Deductors and collectors can view challan status on TRACES only after registering.
3. After login, click on “challan status”. You will find this option under the section of Statements and Payments.
4. Enter your challan identification number. It will be in your counterfoil.
5. You can also view all the challan details in a form of statement just by selecting a specific financial year.
6. Also take care that your challan is claimed or unclaimed.
This will show you the status of your income tax challan. You can tally it with the payments you have made.

What is Claimed and Unclaimed Challan Status
A challan is a proof of your income tax deposited. This challan is also called ITNS 280 challan. It is used to pay income taxes. The ITNS 281 is used to deposit TDS by the deductors or collectors. A challan is shown as claimed in your TDS statement when it is matching with the bank payments. If you see the challan status as Unclaimed, it means that a bank payment is not claimed in any TDS statement.

If you want to view your income tax challan status, you can also view it on the OLTAS challan status portal of the NSDL website. TDS Traces portal is dedicated to provide tax related facilities and especially to make corrections in the tax payments.


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