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How to Link Pan Card with Aadhar Card Online

Pan card and Aadhar card both are very important document of Indian citizens. Now in many states and sectors like in LPG connection Aadhar Card must be linked with Pan Card. If you want to sink your Pan Card with Aadhar card uid status by name you can do it online following the simple procedure. First of all you must possess both cards. Govt. of India has made this task easy. After merging Aadhar card with Pan Card tax payer need not to send the ITR V acknowledgement. And thus it makes the taxpaying process easy. If you own both the cards you can easily link it with each other from the official website.
Aadhar card

Why Aadhar card and Pan Card are necessary documents?

Pan card is a universal ID given to do all types of financial transactions and to avoid tax evasion also. With Pan Card you can check your income tax regarded information like payable tax, paid TDS online.

While Aadhar Card is now become the necessity of every individual to get the unique ID as an Indian citizen. For its self verification process, it becomes very authentic and trusted proof. It is used to open the bank account and even applying for Pan Card.
Pan Card Status

How to Sink Pan Card with Aadhar Card

• First of all enter into the e-filling portal account.
• Here you will be displayed “link your aadhar no” link.
• Click on this link.
• Once you click on this link you will see one column where you enter you Aadhar no.
• Also see the information you fill inside is correct matches with Pan card details.
• Later this information is going to be verified by the tax department so fill up the details correctly.
• Once you entered the Aadhar no and required details in the form click on “link now” button.
• After the completion of process, you will be sent notification by message or mail that your Pan Card is linked with Aadhar card.

It is very important to write all the details from name to other information correctly you written in the Pan Card form. Also you can get updated Aadhar card from the Aadhar card offices. When the data matches Pan Card with Aadhar card then only linking will be done.


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