Discover Easier Commutes On Pune’s Buses

Discover Easier Commutes On Pune’s Buses


Tired of driving to or back from Hinjewadi, Magarpatta or Kharadi everyday? Check out the busses you could take on the upgraded version of Pune Transit the application below or open it in a new window.

You can also find out which bus can take you there on your mobile! Just sms PMT your location to Hinjewadi to 092200 92200*!

In a fraction of a minute you will get a message with the routes.
We’ve got all connecting busses onto the system now- so you will be told your options for the first bus (route 1) and the next bus (if needed) that you need to change on to (route 2). You can search for your locations by scrolling the map and clicking or simply typing the name of your location into the search box “from” and “to”. Select the route that was found to view the stations on the selected route (in case there are more than one routes). If you select a station the map will automatically centre to the station and highlight it. So play around and find out the world of Pune that you can visit on way back from work!

Thank you for the appreciation, following and spreading the word for the previous versions. Let me know how much you like this too! Do not forget to write about the features you would like to see! Email me at ciopune”at”
* Only your mobile carrier’s charges will apply, there is no additional fee levied for this service.

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