Get Your Mobile to Find Your Bus

Get Your Mobile to Find Your Bus

Get Your Mobile to Find Your Bus!

Want to go shopping to Mandai on Sunday morning? Tired of parking problems along Laxmi road or Mandai? Try the Public Bus. Get Your Mobile to Find Your Bus

Find out which bus can take you there on your mobile! Just sms PMT Aundh to Mandai to 092200 92200*!

In a fraction of a minute you will get the message: Routes [21D, 21ND, 25D, 41D, 60D, 88D, 113D, 113AD, 225D, 298D, 322D, 354D] connect [Aundh] to [Mandai]. D is for down routes, U is for up routes. Some routes have other alphabets which simply are part of the route number itself.

Thanks to the shared-data and crowd-sourcing governance we now have the latest routes on the system, look for them! Thank you PMPML for participating in the shared data initiative!

Do you know the bus routes to travel from where you live to your workplace? Or bus routes your kids could take to school or college? Or the route to take to the Movie Theater or restaurant? Or the bus route to the Katraj Zoo, the Kelkar Museum or Sinhagad from where you are? It’s all now an sms away!

Expect connecting busses to be listed soon. Also look out for the timetable and journey time to be indicated shortly.

If you are on a computer with internet access you can continue to use the previously released Pune Transit application with the updated data.

We are also going to open up your participation to help yourself to receive alerts of the bus location for the bus route you are interested in. Watch out here for how this works.

Let me know of features you would like to see! Email me at ciopune”at”

* Only your mobile carrier’s charges will apply, there is no additional fee levied for this service.

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