Managing Pune’s Public Transport

Managing Pune's Public Transport

Managing Pune’s Public Transport

Late March 2010 we had launched the First Version of Pune Transit. I am happy to announce the new version of the application below or open it in a new window.

You can find the busses passing through the location where you are or look for a direct bus between any two points on a map. Yes, we are working on connecting busses, so you can plan a multi-bus journey too, watch out for that soon.

Managing Pune's Public Transport


Mapping the thousands of bus-stops across the city is a mammoth task- the bus drivers and conductors are already helping to map them. Out of the over 375 bus routes across Pune We’ve mapped a several routes and more than a several hundred bus stops (from over thousands). If you know a bus route, you too can help to locate the bus stops on a route on the map just sign in on the application to volunteer.

You can rate the bus route to help capture the best (and worst) user rated routes and why. Many users have been activly rating their bus routes already!

Soon you will be able to rate and submit issues about your bus-stops too. PMPML, are you listening?

We are working to help you (or the traffic Police) see on the map where to expect bus congestion given the time of the day. We even have a simple SMS alert module that can update subscribers to the departure or arrival of busses at their bus stops (or of busses on bus-routes they are interested in).

The system can also allow issuing monthly or annual passes online – along routes, between stops or within circles. It will therefore show route preferences and congestion right on the map, to enable better scheduling and even pricing!

We are working to enable you to add and suggest your dream routes. My own dream routes? Yellow-lines from (and to) schools to 8 or 16 hubs. Green lines from 8 hubs to industrial and commercial zones. Red lines that ply along 3-5 circular routes. I’m waiting to mark them on a map soon!

We are also working to crowd-source information on daily travel- If we map the daily travel of all the good netizens who volunteer this information we would not only be able to reroute ourselves (or change the time we use the road) but it can help the PMPML create better bus routes (once there is information on points between which people want to travel and when), the Traffic Police to better manage congestion (once there is information about points and time of congestion) and perhaps even the Municipal Bodies to better design road routing (one-way, two-way, right and left turns, parking zones), road engineering (width, dividers, signals, circles, lanes, segregation) and even town planning (development control rules, building permissions, aligning roads and buildings).

Be part of the future of urban transportation, the future is arriving.

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